How to Live Forever in Ten Easy Steps: Step 7

Welcome to Step 7 of How to Live Forever in Ten Easy Steps:


7) Exercise. Break a Sweat Three Times a Week.
This rule has multiple benefits. First, the more exercise you do, the more you can occasionally bend or break the rest of these rules. Exercise is like penance. It cancels out your eating and drinking sins by burning them off.

But the second benefit of exercise is this: the more you exercise and the fitter you get, the less you want to bend or break these other rules.

A fit body simply does not crave high fat foods. The fitter you get, the more your appetite will tilt towards antioxidant- and fiber-rich foods. This further magnifies the already positive effects of fitness.

Forgive the ironic expression, but this like a free lunch: if you exercise and get more fit, it will make you want to eat less unhealthy food, which makes you even fitter, which makes you even more successful at exercise, which makes you fitter still!

Note, at least for me, this strategy fails with regard to chocolate. But I digress…

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