Calling All Coffee Addicts: 100% Kona Coffee

I've talked about coffee a few times on this blog, sharing our favorite coffee store and our favorite way to make coffee. But until now I've never shared with readers our absolute favorite type of coffee.

This post is for those of you who truly love coffee, particularly if you prefer it strong, dark and bitter. Let me introduce you to Hawaiian Kona coffee.

We discovered Kona coffee a number of years ago on a visit to Hawaii, but to be honest it took us a little while to acquire a taste for this earthy and particularly strong brew.

And we'll probably never acquire a taste for the cost of this coffee, which is a rather unseemly $25.95 per pound. You can't get any further from laughably cheap than that, so obviously we don't drink this stuff every day.

Instead, we drink it on special occasions. Perhaps we'll treat ourselves to a pot of Kona after hard week, or I'll surprise Laura with a cup of it on a Tuesday morning (it's her longest and most grueling day of the workweek) as an extra incentive for her to leap forth and bring home the bacon. Any time we need a so-called happiness booster, a caffeinated kick from a strong pot of Kona coffee always seems to do the trick.

Let me also share the brand we typically buy: Hawaii Mountain Gold Coffee, from the Ferrari Coffee Company. Our favorite is the 100% Kona Dark Roast (a note to readers: this is simply a recommendation and not an affiliate link--we've been very happy with the quality and service of this company after years of ordering and drinking their coffee).

Finally, there's also a more affordable Kona coffee option available: Kona blend, which is a striking and rich tasting blend of Kona and regular coffee. And at a more reasonable $14-15 a pound, it's a lot easier on the wallet.

What is your absolute favorite brand of coffee? And have you ever tried Kona coffee? What did you think of it?

Kona Coffee Resources:
Ferrari Coffee 1-800-288-1542 (We buy the 100% Kona Dark Roast, at $25.95 in the bean or ground.)
Royal Kona Coffee

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Anonymous said...

Kona is the best. My wife visited Maui a few years back and I had her buy me two bags there to save a little money. They are long gone and I miss them.

I think grinding the beans on your own and making the coffee in a French press is the way to go.

Daniel said...

Hi Jeff,
Agreed on the French press. Pure heaven. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

We hoarded our Kona that we bought at the COSTCO on the Big Island... We also used it as a treat and used a French press.One time we even made the coffee with our little Ikea stove top espresso maker UMMM Good!