Casual Kitchen's Top Five of the Month: March 2009

This once-a-month post is for those readers who may not get a chance to read everything here at CK, but who still want to keep up with the best and most widely read articles. With one glance, you'll be able to see what your fellow readers have been focusing on over the past month.
Top Five of the Month for March 2009:

1) How to Start a Casual and Inexpensive Wine Tasting Club

How to Enjoy Wine On A Budget

11 Really Easy Rice Side Dishes

The Problem with Government Food Safety Regulation

Our New Zealand Travel Blog

From the Vault: Top Five Posts from One Year Ago:

1) The Granola Blogroll: The Ultimate Authority on Great Granola Recipes

2) The Crockpot: A Siren Call for Single People

3) How to Rewrite a Recipe: Shells with Artichoke Hearts and Shrimp in Lemon-Oregano Vinaigrette

4) How to Be a Satisficer

5) The Favorite Cookbooks of My Favorite Bloggers

Just for Fun: Strangest Keyword Strings Used to Find Casual Kitchen, Starting with "W":

1) wat u need to setup soup restaurant
2) what could we do instead of using road salt?
3) what protective clothing do workers wear in a cake factory
4) which kitchen spices can get you high?
5) why do i throw up every time i eat eggs
6) wide kitchen chairs for obese
7) will it kill me if i leave the paper on the bottom of frozen meat
8) writing an annoyed letter
9) write a compaint letter against the earthing problem
10) woozy marinade

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