CK Food Links--Friday April 3, 2009

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting food-related links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback!
Learning to Love the Foods you Hate at Cheap Healthy Good
One of my all-time favorite bloggers shares one of her wittiest posts ever on how she confronted her fears and came around on eggplant, brussels sprouts and several other foods she used to hate as a kid. And as a free bonus, Kris dispenses eight strategies for learning to love many of the foods she had longstanding issues with.

The 3/50 Project
Want to help the economy? You can do it by supporting your local stores, firms and entrepreneurs. Visit the 3/50 Project's site to see some intriguing thoughts on the difference between a dollar spent locally and a dollar spent with a national chain.

Women, Know Your Place at the Japan Times
This link has nothing to do with cooking but it's so rare to find a truly well-written satire in the major media that I had to share it. At lease I hope it's a satire, or this guy's gonna need some extra security.

Homemade Ketchup Recipe from
For those of you looking for an alternative to preservative- and salt-laden ketchup from the store, here's a good one. See also this site's recipes for mustard, worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. Thanks to Eggs on Sunday for the link.
A new food photography site, still in beta, that could be a great place for you to promote your blog. Plenty of great food porn to gawk at.

Three Recipes for Great Oven-Steamed Food at Dorrie
Readers, three easy recipes, a fancy new vocab word and a laughably easy method of cooking food: en papillote. I haven't really used this method before, but I'll be using it now. Oh and if anyone can tell me how to pronounce en papillote, please leave a phonetic spelling in the comments section below. Extra credit if you use a schwa.

Undead Wedding Cakes at Cake Wrecks
This has always been one of my favorite food sites for a quick laugh. Jen usually posts photos cakes that go hilariously wrong, but this post is about cakes that go amazingly right. Uh, if you want a death-related theme for your wedding cake that is. For those of you not familiar with Cake Wrecks, see here.

Roasted Salmon with Lemon-Herb Matzo Crust from Noble Pig
Passover is coming up in just a few days, why not try a new twist on a classic fish? Cathy at the Noble Pig brings us an easy recipe that you can make in roughly 30 minutes from start to finish. A must-try.

US Department of Agriculture Names Wine the 7th Food Group at Good Grape
"The American people choose hope over fear” and add wine to the food pyramid. I got really excited until I realized that this was dated April 1st. Still, a man can dream, and this post was good for several laughs.

Anti-Cilantro Haikus at I Hate Cilantro
I never understood the visceral hatred some people have for cilantro... I think it's a genetic thing. But once the haikus start coming, it's time to take this underground movement seriously. Some favorites:

Retching sensation
What can this foul, vile taste be?
Vomit brings relief.

Secret cilantro!
Why did you not disclose this?
I can't eat this now.

if all that's left is
cilantro or starvation
hello seppuku!

verdant enemy
lurking in soupy repose
striking the naive.

Thanks to Econepicurean for the link.

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mamacita said...

Try saying, "On Pappy-oat," except pretend that you're French instead of a hick. That'll get you close to "en papillote."

Melissa said...

The haikus are priceless haha!

And I made that ketchup after seeing it on Amy's page the other day!! I also made homemade mayo. Homemade condiments rock!

Daniel said...

Mamacita, thank you for the help!

Melissa, how did the ketchup come out?

PS: I've been trying to write my own cilantro haikus but I keep coming up empty. I guess I won't quit my day job as a blogger. :)