POG: The Official Drink of Hawaii

Here's another installment in our series on the foods of Hawaii:
What is POG? It's a rich and sweet mixture of passion fruit juice, orange juice and guava juice. You could think of POG as Hawaii's official drink, and you can find it everywhere on the islands.

Unfortunately, like many other special foods here in Hawaii, it can be nearly impossible to find on the mainland.

Now keep in mind that most of the brands of POG aren't exactly healthy for you, since they're typically only 15-20% juice, with water and sugar (and/or high-fructose corn syrup) added. Technically you can't call this juice, hence the term "nectar" on the box. I usually never drink sweetened drinks like this, but when I'm here in Hawaii I make an exception. As the saying goes: what happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii.

Plus, POG reminds me of my childhood, when I used to drink a big glass of Orange Hi-C every day when I got home from school (believe it or not, back in the 1970s and early 1980s, kids could eat and drink as much sugar as they wanted).

The other important--some might say critical--feature of POG: it goes perfectly with vodka to make a glorious drink called the POG-tini.

Finally, a brief warning: drinking too much POG at one time can put you into a glucosal, semi-euphoric state known as pogging. Seriously. You see hundreds of pasty-looking tourists everywhere here, all with huge smiles on their faces, pogging up and down the streets of Waikiki. Come here and you'll see what I mean.

POG Makers:
Meadow Gold
Hawaiian Sun

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Emmy said...

I don't know about POG, but I'm lusting after the POG-tini! I wonder if Amazon carries it....

Ray said...

As a recent traveller to Hawaii, I can second Dan's comments on POG. After a week of POG on with crushed ice, POG with seltzer, POG with seltzer AND vodka (the POG-tini), and just straight POG, I couldn't bear the thought of living w/out it.

..and as it turns out, there's no need. Simply google the Meadow Gold website on POG, and locate the order form for POG 3:1 concentrate that they will ship anywhere on earth. I ordered it, and in no time I was back hanging 10 with the Duke in Waikiki!

Good POGGIN' to y'all!

Daniel said...

Tammy, I think you can make an enjoyable POG-tini with any vodka, even a total cheapie brand, and it will still taste great and ease your pain. :)


Unknown said...

i've been visiting HI since i was little (my dad is from there) and we usually barely have room to eat bc we are so full of pog. there is nothing like an ice cold can of pog on a warm, hawaiian afternoon...ahhh..

Daniel said...

Hi lasenora--I couldn't agree more. Glad to hear you've had experience "pogging" too! :)


Anonymous said...

I live in northern CA and I buy my Pog (in a can) at the local Japanese supermarket. They usually carry other juices from Hawaiian Sun.

Amanda on Maui said...

I live on Maui and I love POG with coconut rum. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I live just across the border in Canada, and can get POG at a little grocery store in Point Roberts, WA (trust me, there's not much more there). They also sell Hawaiian sweet bread! But I digress. POG & rum is one of the tastiest things on Earth...thanks, Hawaii!!!

Unknown said...

Meadow Gold POG in a 64 oz carton is now carried at Marukai in Gardena located at Western and Artesia in the Hawaiian foods section! Enjoy!