Retro Sundays

I created the Retro Sundays series to help newer readers easily navigate the very best of this blog's enormous back catalog of content. Each Retro Sundays column serves up a selection of the best articles from this week in history here at Casual Kitchen.

As always, please feel free to explore CK's Recipe Index, the Best Of Casual Kitchen page and my full Index of Posts. You can also receive my updates at Twitter.

This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

Bread Knife Giveaway and 20 Bread Recipes (August 2009)
I know what you're thinking: who cares about some dumb knife giveaway? But the value of this post is in the comments, where there's a huge list of some twenty amazing bread recipes shared by readers as part of my contest. If you don't have time to go through all twenty, here are six top favorites culled from the list.

Stacked Costs and Second-Order Foods: A New Way to Think About Food Costs (August 2008)
One of the most popular and influential posts in Casual Kitchen's history, and part of my early efforts to apply my financial analyst background toward analyzing the food on our store shelves. After reading this article, you'll understand the true nature of food costs, and you'll easily apply the ideas here toward slashing your own food bill.

How to Live Forever in Ten Easy Steps (August 2007)
I know, immortality is a pretty ambitious subject for a mere cooking blog. But one of the biggest determinants to your life expectancy is how you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat. This post contains ten simple and straightforward rules for living a long and healthy life.

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