Casual Kitchen's Feature Post at Eating Rules

A quick update for readers: Today, Casual Kitchen is featured in a guest post at Eating Rules.

Blogger Andrew Wilder is running a fascinating event called "A Month Unprocessed" where he asks a provocative question: What would happen if I went for an entire month without eating any processed foods? As part of his event, he invited people from throughout the food blog world to join him in dramatically cutting back on--or even totally eliminating--processed foods.

This is exactly the kind of event Casual Kitchen loves to get behind, and so I've agreed to write a guest post on Andrew's site discussing my own experiences with processed foods, and sharing some ideas on how you can vastly improve your diet by making just a few easy and effective changes in what and how you eat. (PS: Astute and long-time CK readers will instantly recognize the familiar and powerful technique I employ to make my case.)

Stop by at Eating Well and have a look. And more importantly, think about what you can do to reduce the processed foods in your diet!

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