Cookbook Review: 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes by Jules Clancy

A note to readers: From time to time, Casual Kitchen reviews new cookbooks. My goal is to warn you away from the bad ones and draw your attention to the good ones. This is the very best I've seen all year.

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Once in a while you stumble onto a cookbook that exactly shares your philosophy about cooking. And I've found such a book in Jules Clancy's 5 Ingredients, 10 Minutes.

This new e-cookbook was officially released just days ago (Casual Kitchen got a preview copy ahead of time), and I liked it so much that I'm strongly recommending it to readers.

What's so creative and original about this cookbook is that each and every recipe inside has five or fewer ingredients and can be made in ten minutes or less.

Casual Kitchen readers know that recipes do not have to be complicated or time-consuming to taste amazing. And ten minutes is such a tantalizingly brief time to get dinner on the table that the idea of having some 131 new recipes that fit these constraints is practically intoxicating. Heck, as Jules says in her book, you can't even get a pizza delivered in 10 minutes.

Let me also suggest a few of the very best recipes that practically leap off the page: Eggplant with Chickpeas (page 114), Fiery Tomato and Couscous Soup (page 59), Spicy Mexican Breakfast Eggs (page 210), Pappadelle with Smoked Salmon and Ricotta (page 176) and Spanish Chicken with Chickpeas & Almonds. (page 258). Again, every single recipe is makeable in ten minutes flat.

This e-book is conclusive proof that making a home-cooked dinner need not be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. If there's ever been a cookbook that encapsulates exactly what I'm trying to say here at Casual Kitchen, this is it.

This amazing cookbook is available at Jules' site the stonesoup shop for just $35, or a laughably cheap 26c per recipe.

Stay tuned! Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be featuring some of the recipes from this cookbook here at Casual Kitchen.

PS: If you're interested in other exceptional works by Jules, consider these books too:

1) How to Bake Your Family Cookbook.
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Laura said...

I'm eager to see the recipes when you get around to posting them. Several years ago, I received a "Four Ingredients Cooking" book that sounded like an interesting concept... but turned out to be not-so-hot. While all of the recipes did have four ingredients, I thought they really cut back to get them to fit with the concept of the book; the few recipes I tried would have been MUCH better with a few more ingredients (like herbs/spices) to add complexity.

Daniel said...

Laura, thanks for your comment, and I'll be sure to keep you posted. You make a good point, and perhaps it has to do with the magic number of five, rather than your cookbook's four. Jules just seems to have a real knack for creating really original recipes that need absolutely nothing extra. It's a true gift.

But rest assured, in the coming weeks I'll be sharing posts on recipes from her book that truly resonated with me.