CK Friday Links--Friday October 29, 2010

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Eight tips for a healthier Halloween. (Exercise and Beyond)

Why one blogger refuses to read weight loss blogs. (The Oyster Evangelist)

You prefer the brands you buy because you rationalize. (You Are Not So Smart)

When CAFOs threaten the past. (Civil Eats)

Recipe Links:
A delicious, laughably cheap pantry soup: Red Lentil Soup with Lemon. (Happy Foodie, via @andothertimes)

Intriguing! Gnocchi Mac & Cheese. (The Cutting Edge of Ordinary)

Mexican-style Sweet Corn Cake. (Mexico In My Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
The epidemic of our age: people seeking happiness in some far-off future moment, rather than being here, right now. (Far Beyond the Stars)

There's a word for why Charlie Sheen will never change. (The Last Psychiatrist)

11 compelling reasons to kill your TV. (Man Vs. Debt)

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Tom S. said...

I look forward to Friday links, I always find something to add to my Reader list. You are impacting my productivity this morning though. I really enjoyed the You Are Not So Smart blog, lots of interesting articles there.

Sally said...

I also look forward to the Friday links. I particularly enjoyed the blog (and link to the marie claire article) about not reading weight loss blogs. I used to occasionally read two of the mentioned blogs -- katheats and eatliverun. I stopped reading because I didn't find them to be realistic or particularly healthy. Certainly not "balanced."

Sally said...

Oh, for the ability to edit after I've commented!

It scares me that people will pay attention to what these bloggers write and think that what they do or suggest is advisable or normal.

Ally said...

Hey Sally, I actually read eatliverun and she's no longer doing the daily food blogging thing like katheats... she now just mostly posts recipes, including a lot of baking (with real butter and sugar, not strange replacement ingredients).

I loved todays links, that mac & cheese gnocchi looks amazing and I really enjoyed reading the Charlie Sheen one. Frightening truths, right there.

Daniel said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I've said this before, these Friday links are clearly popular judging by the traffic stats, but usually there's not a lot of commenting activity. So I'm grateful for the thoughts on specific articles and the impressions from readers.

Tom: that blog IS exceptional--I only just found it this week. Glad you enjoyed it!

Sally, agreed. I think your second comment just goes toward how blogging is becoming a more and more authoritative media source, and as with the traditional media, there's some great advice and real authority out there--and also some real crap. You have to read everything with a grain of salt, obviously; but many people cannot or do not.

Ally, thank you for the feeback! I absolutely love how The Last Psychiatrist holds a mirror up to our media and culture. That is one of my very favorite blogs.


Sally said...

Ally -- thanks for the heads up about eatliverun. I checked it out and it's changed. It's now much closer to my own food philosophy.

Dan -- one of the things I don't understand is why so many of us believe the crap. Maybe it's because we haven't had a long-standing food culture...I don't know.

Its as if we believe that what has worked in the past or we've been taught is wrong and the "new" information is right. We don't trust our own judgement. It's not only food, either.