CK Friday Links--Friday January 7, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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The absolute smoking hottest food trends of 2011. Uh, it's satire. (5 Second Rule)

If you're looking to adopt a food philosophy, here's a really good one. (Frugal Healthy Simple)

Hangover cures--and myths--from around the world. (Leite's Culinaria)

So wait: you're saying we don't need to drink eight glasses of water a day? (Accidental Hedonist)

Recipe Links:
Easy, nutritious and an electric green: Spinach and Cannellini Bean Dip. (Kahakai Kitchen)

Don't let the depressing name fool you: Heart of Darkness Flourless Chocolate Cake. (A Thought For Food)

How to make your own Homemade Marshmallows! (Baking Bites)

Off-Topic Links:
Unsolicited book recommendation of the week: Trent Hamm's book The Simple Dollar. If you know someone who's a relative newcomer to handling their finances, this book is an excellent gift idea. It's packed with commonsense tips and advice on how to manage your spending, get out of debt and get on top of your financial goals. (PS: There's even a tip in there from me--see page 27!)

How to be less sensitive. (The Change Blog)

Does self-help literature just make us lazier? (Intuitive Wu)

Flawed premises upon which we base our lives. See particularly #5, #9, #11, #13 and #21. ( sure to see both Part 1 and Part 2.)

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Stuart Carter said...

amazingly enough, Spark People have people making the same excuses about how "expensive" it is to eat heathily:

Amazing because it's a site dedicated to people who supposedly want to eat healthy and lose weight...

Daniel said...

Thanks for sharing Stuart. The ironies are pretty powerful aren't they? I'd leave a comment with a link to my recent "making excuses" post, but I'd probably get shouted down. :)


Stuart Carter said...

I think you should leave the link. Reading through all the comments, I think about a third of the commentators would appreciate what you're saying with the "making excuses" article!

Daniel said...

Done. Thanks for the prod Stuart!


Stuart Carter said...

I have had the same debate with people I know, and heard the same lame excuses :-/

I'll just refer them to you in future ;)

Heather M. said...

That story at Accidental Hedonist is really interesting. I've never in my life drunk eight glasses of water in a day, even when I tried, so I'm glad to hear it's not necessary!

Yet another on my growing list of Nutrition Facts That Aren't. (Along with "Cholesterol and fat are bad," "Vitamins are good for you," and "There are proven facts about nutrition.")