CK Friday Links--Friday March 11, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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The three rules of leftovers. (Cheap Healthy Good) Bonus post: 15 time saving food prep tips.

Wondering what to give up for Lent? Here's a highly original idea for you. (Cook, Pray, Love)

Intriguing thoughts on the best way to give up caffeine. PS: I should tell her about my Speed-Weaning technique, which works in just three days! (Blonde & Balanced)

Only a fool pays hard-earned money for overpriced, store-bought spice blends. (Dad Cooks Dinner)

Recipe Links:
Filling, nutritious and easy: Quick Roasted Chicken with White Beans and Chard. (Cafe Johnsonia)

Not exactly a 30-minute meal, but an absolutely fascinating way to prepare a roast chicken: Chicken in a Bread Crust. (Chocolate & Zucchini)

Visually striking and delicious: Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Fritters. (Closet Cooking)

Off-Topic Links:
If you only watch 10 ads this year, make them these. (Social Times)

Want to improve your speaking and presentation skills? Watch this exceptional 7-minute video. (Youtube, via The Simple Dollar)

Getting loved ones to understand your decisions. (The Change Blog)

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bashtree said...

Great links, Dan. This year for Lent I'm taking on a spiritual practice. It'll be a different experience, that's for sure. I had a terrible spice mix moment the other day, when I looked closely and realized that Garlic Salt is just... garlic powder plus salt. I've been trying to cook with a lot less salt lately but found myself going for the garlic salt more frequently than I used I know why, I guess. BUT other than that, I haven't bought a spice mix in a loooong time.

Daniel said...

Bashtree, thanks for your comment and for the feedback. And yep, that was Mike's point: usually when you buy a spice mix, the first ingredient is salt. This of course means that you are ridiculously overpaying for what's in the jar. As in a markup of, oh, 69 times the price.