CK Friday Links--Friday October 28, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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The real truth about grits. (Bonnie Banters)

A great idea for cooling a glass of wine without diluting it: use frozen grapes! (The Kitchn, via Simply Cooked)

Will direct farm subsidies finally be cut next year? (

Criticizing Michael Pollan's perceived elitism. (The Vegan Ideal)

Recipe Links:
You're a fool to buy manufactured BBQ sauce with amazing homemade recipes like this out there: Sweet Whiskey Barbecue Sauce. (Alosha's Kitchen)

A hilariously easy 15 minute Burnt Carrot Salad recipe, with five bonus healthy eating tips. (Stonesoup)

The best Classic Spaghetti Sauce you will ever have. (Kitchen Belleicious)

Off-Topic Links:
An extensive and exceptional post on how to tell if a charity is worthy of your contributions. Fitting and timely. (The Kitchen Mage)

Do you love Monarch butterflies? Here's what you can plant and do to attract them to your yard--and help them on their migration! (Native Backyard)

Everything I know about not getting scammed on the internet I learned from LiveJournal. More useful wisdom after the Jennifer Perillo "donation scandal." (Hit By a Pitch)

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BonnieBanters said...

Thanks for the mention!! Hope you enjoy my blog!

trump said...

I'm just passing by and thought id say hello. We will be receiving some snow this weekend in Pennsylvania, and the leaves are just about at their peek colors. I hope everyone has a very nice weekend. Richard from Amish Stories.

kitchenMage said...

Thanks for the mention. I have opened tabs on at least three other posts, too. Nice list!

Daniel said...

Thanks to you, Bonnie and KitchenMage, for writing such exceptional posts.


Melissa said...

I liked the LJ post. Still find the whole BWOB thing fascinating and sad.

Thanks for the link, Dan. I so appreciate your support. :)

Daniel said...

You're welcome Melissa. I'm always grateful for your reliably amazing recipes. :)

And yep, that LiveJournal post by Hit By a Pitch is a must-read. I instantly added her site to my feedreader when I saw it, and I've really enjoyed her eclectic, thought-provoking posts. I recommend following her.