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This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

The Priming Reflex: How to Control Your Appetite (And Turn Your Back on a Million Years of Evolution) (October 2009)
The priming reflex might be the single most unfortunate legacy of human evolution. It was extremely useful in a prehistoric era when food was scarce, but it's singularly unhelpful today, in an era where we're surrounded by plentiful food all the time. Read this post to learn how to fight off the priming reflex--and keep it from subverting your health and your diet.

Obesity and the Obama Administration: A Blogger Roundtable Discussion (October 2009)
I asked a rountable of five bloggers for their top recommendations for Obama to solve our obesity epidemic. The result? A collection of surprisingly blunt and creative ideas.

A Recession-Proof Guide to Saving Money on Food (October 2008)
An extremely popular roundup of all of my best advice on how to save money on food.

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Mike H said...

Doesn't exercise fit into the picture? You can't just eat your way to good health. It is an overall program with diet, exercise, attitude and self-reliance.
We don't need the government to get involved in our lives any more than they are.

Daniel said...

Hi Mike, yes you're right, exercise is a huge part of the picture. And think your position on government involvement in our lives was one shared by a few (but not all) of the roundtable members. Thanks for your comment.