CK Friday Links--Friday March 9, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Fast food ads... vs. reality. (Alphaila, via Erica Douglass)

Yep, even cookbook authors totally botch meals from time to time. (A Life of Spice)

Great winter grilling tips for those last few weeks of cold weather. (Food & Fire)

Yet another food blogger realizes the truth about "Pure Premium" juices. (Food Republic) Related: Never From Concentrate? Never Again.

Recipe Links:
Ever thought you could make your own homemade Doritos Spice Mix? You can. (Hobby and More, via Kitschen Bitsch)

A perfect for a bad, late-winter cold: Gingerific Cold-Cure Soup. (Spoon & Shutter)

Delicious, fancy--and surprisingly easy! Homemade Cheese Sticks. (Alexandra's Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
Irritated by Facebook? Go back to blogging. (Elemental Dreams)

Is harder to invest in the stock market now than 20 years ago? This pro investor says so. (The Aleph Blog)

Why the US Constitution is getting old and out of date. Read critically. (Common Dreams)

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Matt @ SpoonMatters said...

Love that first link. The difference in the photos is even more shocking than I expected, and I found myself laughing at the actual food served as if it were a joke.

Daniel said...

Me too Matt. Kind of makes me want to rethink some of the comments I made about advertising in last Tuesday's post. :)