Your Money Or Your Life

A quick bonus post this week: One of my readers, the author of the blog Oil and Garlic, is working through the book Your Money or Your Life for the very first time, and sharing her thoughts and reactions along the way.

It's always a pleasure to hear about someone tackling this book. Long-time Casual Kitchen readers know that YMOYL had more influence on our money choices and lifestyle decisions than any other book we've read, ever. Laura and I read it together, and it changed how we spend, how we consume, and how we think about everything regarding money. I think it's also fair to say that this book literally made us wealthy. [Edit: Of course, everyone has their own definition of "wealthy." I'm guessing my definition is probably quite a bit lower than most.]

And that's why I want to briefly take this opportunity, thanks to an unexpected prompt by a fellow blogger, to recommend Your Money or Your Life to readers here at CK. Read it. Keep an open mind. Follow the advice and steps. If you invest time and attention into this book, it will literally reshape your financial destiny.

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oilandgarlic said...

Thanks for the link back. It's funny. I had no idea that the book influenced you even though I've read plenty of your posts. I tend to read recipes or the ones about food marketing and somehow missed mention of YMOYL..

Daniel said...

You're welcome! I'm hoping that some readers here also joined up with the virtual book club you talked about in your last post.

I've only mentioned Your Money Or Your Life in passing here once or twice, thinking it's too "off-topic" for a food blog. But who knows, maybe it's less off-topic than I think.

I'm actually working up a deeper post on saving money that I'm hoping to run in the next week or two. Thanks for giving me a push to ruminate on the subject!