A Quick Question For Readers on YMOYL

A quick post today with a question for readers: I'm considering doing an in-depth, multi-post review here at CK of Your Money or Your Life. Obviously, it's not the first time somebody's worked through this book on a blog, but based on reader reactions to recent posts like Extreme Savings and Zombies and the Advertising-Consumption Cycle, it seems like a careful readthrough of YMOYL could fit well with many readers' interests.

It's been more than ten years since Laura and I first read this book, and I for one would love a refresh. Not only that, but the earlier editions of this book were written in a completely different financial era, and some of the book's investing recommendations simply won't work in today's low interest rate environment. I've got my hands on a copy of the newest edition of the book, and it might be interesting to look at both editions side by side.

As to format, I'm considering running one extra post per week here at CK, each post covering one chapter. Readers can read along week by week and share thoughts and ideas, while those readers who aren't interested can simply skip those posts.

Readers, what do you think? Do any of you have interest? Any objections?

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Wet Coasters said...

Yes, yes, yes! Please do this, I think it would be a great blog/tool for getting financially healthy. I know lots of people I would send the link to. Thanks for suggesting it!

sarappe said...

I'm quite interested, too. (But annoyed that the Kindle edition of the book costs more than the physical version!)

Karin said...

I'm *interested*, but whether I would actually read the book along with you is another story. :)

KitschenBitsch said...

Dangit, Dan. You're finally going to get me to read this book that I've been trying not to read.

That said, I had the same reaction as sarappe when I went to buy it. I'll pick up a cheap hard copy (I mean, it would defeat the purpose to spend a lot on the book... right? :) )

mw said...

I've read it several times and I have complete interest in your plan and no objection.

nutrition coach edie said...

I would love to read along with you and Laura!

Let's go!


Daniel said...

I'm grateful for the feedback. I think it's pretty clear that there's enough interest to give it a go.

And, yes, there's something deliciously ironic about picking up a used (or better still, a library) copy of this book. That's the spirit. ;)

One final thought: if anybody wants to vote against the idea, don't be shy. Comment anonymously if you like. My feelings won't be hurt! I sincerely want to know readers' wishes here.


Anonymous said...

No. Please no. If you want to start a discussion off topic, please start another blog for that topic. It is just too time consuming to figure out that it is not a cooking post and it is annoying to have to click through off-topic posts. Thank you.

Daniel said...

Heh. That was quick.

I've always been pretty good at warning readers up front about off-topic posts. What I'll do is include "YMOYL" at the beginning of each of these posts. It will be instantly obvious that it's not food-related.

Also, I can run the YMOYL posts on the same day each week--I'm thinking Sundays. Just like my Friday Links posts, you'll always know when it's coming, which will make it still easier to skip.

Keep the feedback coming.


Taz @ Climb the Rainbow said...

Yes, definitely interested in hearing your take. I'll be reading along with you!