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A quick programming note: Beginning next Sunday I'll start our multi-part book club series on Your Money Or Your Life. I don't want to flood readers with posts, so I'll put the Retro Sundays posts on hiatus for the time being and run YMOYL posts on Sundays in their place. Stay tuned!
This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

Let Them Eat Cake! Thoughts About Wealth, Power and the Food Industry (April 2010)
A few centuries ago only the wealthiest among us were able to secure a balanced diet. How is it that today, the average person's problem is getting too much food?

Almost Meatless: Cookbook Review (April 2009)
A brilliant cookbook centered on low-meat cooking. I considered this to be by far the best cookbook of 2009. Here's my rabidly positive review.

Austrian Cuisine: Viennese Potato Soup (Wiener Kartoffelsuppe) (April 2008)
An easy, comforting and absolutely delicious recipe.

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