CK Friday Links--Friday April 20, 2012

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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A compelling rebuttal to last week's link claiming vegan diets are not "least harmful." (Animal Visuals) Bonus post: A longer rebuttal for readers with extra time. (Gaverick Matheny)

Is it actually worth it to own your own grain mill? Yes, if you bake a ton and can get a cheap bulk supply of wheatberries. (A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa)

The next time you hear about some scientific study claiming a link between some random food and some horrible health condition, remember this graphic. (PhD Comics)

Seriously, if your kid eats a piece of candy after almost every meal how can it be considered a special “treat” anymore? (100 Days of Real Food)

Recipe Links:
Finally! An easy method for fail-proof Poached Eggs. (A Life of Spice)

Snazz up your green beans for an unforgettable side dish: Green Beans Poriyal. (Chow & Chatter)

A hearty, healthy and laughably easy recipe--just don't forget to take a photo! Kale and Tortellini Soup. (Cook, Pray, Love)

Off-Topic Links:
Not only is urbanization better for the environment, it leads to more productive societies too. (Marginal Revolution)

A great minimalism/decluttering tip from Trent: Put a sell-by date on it. (The Simple Dollar)

An excellent checklist to follow if you want to make sure your next book is worth reading--and worth being reviewed. (Aleph Blog).

The ultimate guide to writing better than you normally do. With extra irony. (McSweeneys, via A Life of Spice)

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chow and chatter said...

thanks so much Daniel

Daniel said...

You're welcome Rebecca! Loved that recipe. Hilariously easy. :)


Kira said...

Thanks for the link!

Daniel said...

Any time Kira!