How Do I Add Eggs To My Diet?

A quick addendum to the other day's post:

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Jen Blacker said...

I eat a salad at dinner every night. On Sundays I cook up a batch of hard boiled eggs. I make enough to put one in each salad, then a couple extra to nosh on when I'm hungry after work and in the middle of making dinner.

I always buy my eggs at Costco because it's the cheapest place to get them For the price of one dozen I get two dozen Eggland's Best eggs.

Don't be afraid of buying a lot of eggs either, they stay good for a long time in the fridge. It's always an excuse to make something tasty like chocolate mousse! Not to mention a nice warm breakfast on the weekend.

Sally said...

More ideas of ways to add eggs to your diet:

I do love butter basted eggs on whole grain toast or hash browns.