Ask CK: I Can't Believe You Recommend Investing In Greedy Food, Oil and Pharma Companies!

A reader writes in:

I can't believe you are recommending to your readers that they should invest in greedy oil stocks or even greedier pharmaceutical stocks.

Readers, do you see the irony in this comment?

If you have a problem with a company, why are you buying their products in the first place? And if you don’t buy the company's products, then you have no costs to self-fund. Which means you have no need to buy the company's stock.

And if for some reason you feel "forced" to buy some product from a company you hate, you should find it uproariously awesome that the company's dividend can pay you to buy their stuff.

Finally, here's a question for readers to ponder: What does this reader gain by shooting down a solution that, clearly, could be helpful to others?

Readers, have you seen examples of "solution-shooting" in your life? How do you handle it?

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Anonymous said...

I have two words for everyone to ponder on solution shooting: Ted Cruz.

Daniel said...

I hear you, but let's not bring current politics into this. It's not relevant.


chacha1 said...

le sigh. How many emails like that do you get, Dan? Honestly, unless that writer-inner stashes his savings under the mattress (in which case he is an idiot) he is "investing" in some kind of "greedy" company.

That is what capitalism IS. It is about making a profit so that you can build a bigger business. Your motivations for doing so are not germane to hypotheticals.

Just as every individual has a duty to know what she is buying to feed herself and to understand the consequences, every individual has a duty to understand the rudiments of the economic system in which we live. At least, every individual who votes does.

Too made you can't make a Captcha that tests basic rationality.

Daniel said...

To anyone who thinks in that way, I would just ask a simple question:

Why have you willingly given your power away to these companies?