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Fifteen, count 'em, fifteen pesto recipes. (Bon Appetit)

And... fifteen perfect summer cupcake recipes! (Community Table)

Why is sugar so bad, and how did quitting sugar for a month make me feel? (Stonesoup) Note: You might want to make those 15 summer cupcake recipes above... in a different month.

Intriguing and painfully candid series on what it's like living under chronic financial stress. (Poor Girl Eats Well)

Five homemade stain removers that actually work. (Wise Bread)

Three very promising trends in medical education. (Mark's Daily Apple)

As anyone who's been to a high school reunion knows, we age at wildly different rates. (Guardian)

Not only do kids not watch TV anymore, they prefer their iPads to dessert. (Ad Age)

Are you growth driven… or are you performance driven? (Deep Existence)

Book Recommendation: Believing Is Seeing: Observations on the Mysteries of Photography by Errol Morris. A striking book on how photography shapes what we see and what we believe. One of the most unusual books I've read in years. It taught me an enormous amount about how photographs both inform and mislead. Highly, highly recommended.

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Melissa said...

Definitely interested in reading parts 2 and 3 of that series from Poor Girl Eats Well.

Daniel said...

Melissa, there's a link to part 2 at the bottom of her Part 1 post, it's in the final paragraph. And then part 3 is here:

It's good stuff and I thought that post teaches quite a few things, including gratitude.


Marcia said...

Poor Girl Eats well was an interesting series, and makes me sad for the lack of empathy in this world (one of the small problems I have on the MMM message boards is the proliferation of that).

Also, the Guardian aging article was interesting - I'd like to see more on that. I went to my 20th HS reunion. But I attended 2 high schools. The other school had a 22nd reunion, and I got to see photos on facebook.

Wow. Almost to a T, the men and women who left town looked way younger than their 40 years. And those who did not leave town looked much older. I have to wonder if it's lifestyle (food/ alcohol/ exercise) and "hope". Of course it's not always the case - most of my family is still in my home town and many of them are healthy.

A few of the guys looked so young I wondered who invited the 30 year olds!