CK Links--Friday November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA-based readers! Enjoy some interesting links from around the internet.

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Three ways to eat low-carb. (Stonesoup)

The terrible tragedy of the healthy eater. (Northwest Edible Life)

A day late but: How to talk to your relatives about politics at Thanksgiving. (Upshot) Protip: don't expect to change anyone's mind about anything.

Most of what you learned in Econ 101 is totally wrong. (Bloomberg)

How overwhelmingly capitalist rap music is, despite the fact that many (white) left-learning humanities students see it as protest against the capitalist system. (Noahpinion)

Lifestyle creep reduces your options, and other useful insights from Judd Apatow's latest book Sick in the Head. (The Waiter's Pad)

Inequality is all right as long as somebody else is suffering from it… but when our own lot improves, we shift our reference group to those who are still better off. (Monevator)

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Even Jacob at ERE would be impressed at this creative young Google employee who saves 90% of his take home pay. (Business Insider)

Have you had your daily dose of manufactured outrage today? (Medium, via 50by25)

I met a sophist and it didn't go well. (How to Be a Stoic)

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