Crockpot Part Two: Recipes and Cooking Sites

There's been a quick (and fortunately positive...) response to my first crockpot post, so I'll follow up right away with some helpful resources for recipes, advice and crockpot product information. It's going to be a real crock-o-rama here today.

Of course anybody can type "crockpot" into a search bar on Yahoo or Google and see what turns up. But I've done my best to filter out any substandard sites where the recipes suck, or are too complicated, or whatever. Thus the sites I've listed below are ones that I've personally found particularly useful. If anybody has a site they'd like me to consider, please drop me a note in the comments section below.

List of Crockpot Resources:

1) Vegan recipes for the crockpot. The borscht looks particularly good by the way.

2) Here's a general crockpot recipe site that has a lot of promise, although let me apologize in advance for the rapid-blink banner ads.
Two particular standout recipes here are the Garlic Lime Chicken and the Kona Chicken. Both are easy as heck and have a creative mix of ingredients. You can easily tell both are worth cooking.

3) has an enormous (and I mean enormous) list of crockpot recipes... enough here for all possible tastes. But please don't make lasagna in your crockpot. That's just not right. The Cajun Red Beans and Rice has a lot of potential.

4) There are several very good recipes at Search for "slow cooker" under Recipes. The Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage is a must-try.

5) If you type "crockpot" into the search bars of Yahoo or Google, this site from comes up near the top. Despite this, it's still incredibly useful. :) You'll find an enormous list of recipes, a list of recommended cookbooks for slow cookers, advice on adapting recipes for crockpot use, and lots of other
useful advice, tips and FAQs on crockpots. There's even a "weekly recipe-in-an-email" option in there!

6) Here's a chicken cacciatore recipe that stood out from the pack.

7) Here’s an amazing pork tenderloin recipe, literally. Mmmmm.... pork tenderloin. A big self-conscious apology to any vegetarian or non-pork eating readers! This recipe is easy, fast and amazing-sounding. A keeper.

8) Finally, I found it particularly helpful to search on using the tag "crockpot"--the sites that turn up are for the most part excellent.


Enjoy! And remember, sometimes life can be a crock!


Anonymous said...

with all this web surfin', who has time to cook? :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my mom's recipe for Wassail, using a crockpot. I don't know where she got it, probably stole it from Betty Crocker years ago because it was written on one of her recipe index cards that was turning brown.

Mom’s Wassail

Wassail, an excellent drink especially for a cold night, or when one needs to adjust a wine by adding additives.

Combine the following ingredients and heat until clear (takes only few minutes); must stir.
1 cup sugar
4 inches cinnamon stick
3 lemon slices
1/4 cup water

In large pan combine the following until warm but do not boil. Can be done in a crockpot that is large enough. Serve in mugs.
2 bottles burgundy, claret or Bordeaux red or homemade red wines that didn't turn out very well
2 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
1 cup sherry (not dry sherry)

Bethany said...

Wow-- a whole page of vegan crockpot recipes... I can't decide what I want to make first!

Guess I won't be freecycling that crockpot any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I plan to prepare the chicken recipes soon. Thanks for the "hot tip". GP

Mijo said...

I have shmancy rice cooker which is supposed to work like a crock pot. It does make really lovely rice, but I don't know about the crockpot-ness yet. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Any modifications I should make to these recipes?