FAQs of Casual Kitchen

Who are you?
My name is Daniel Koontz, and I'm an amateur writer, blogger and cook.

Fine, but what do you REALLY do for living?
I work deep in the bowels of an enormous financial services company that for obvious reasons will remain nameless.

Why are you doing this blog then?
I'm doing this in part for fun and for creative expression. But I'm also doing this in the hopes that I can share some of what I know with people who want to learn more about food and cooking. Hopefully, this blog will grow into a helpful and entertaining forum for people to read and learn about cooking and share their cooking and eating experiences.

Where do you get your ideas?
From the deep and haunted recesses of my tortured mind. Seriously, I get them from all kinds of sources: from a lifetime of cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, eating out, changing and modifying recipes, reading and sampling cookbooks, making mistakes, talking to friends about cooking, reading widely about cooking and eating, etc. Sometimes my friends or readers of this blog will suggest great ideas as well--see below:

Do you take suggestions for ideas?
Of course. I'm always looking for new subjects and ideas to discuss. Either leave them in the comments section of any post, or email me.

How can I support Casual Kitchen?
If you enjoy reading Casual Kitchen, the best way you can support me is by submitting any article you like to bookmarking sites like del.icio.us, digg, reddit, or stumbleupon (if you don't know what a bookmarking site is, you should--my life was infinitely changed for the better by del.icio.us).

Feel free to spread the word and tell your friends about this site, and of course feel free to leave comments here on the blog with your thoughts.

How do you make money with this blog?
Theoretically, in four ways:
1) Through Google Adsense ad clicks. Advertisers pay to have contextually relevant ads posted on my blog. If you see an ad that you think is interesting and worth your attention, please feel free to click on it.
2) Through Amazon affiliate links. On occasion I will post product or book links to Amazon. If you use those links to get to Amazon and purchase any products, I will get paid a small affiliate fee.
3) By donations. You can use either the PayPal link below or click on the "donate" button on my blog's main page.

4) If readers send me bags of money in the mail.
How can I reach you to complain to/bitch at/annoy/compliment/thank/send money to/propose marriage to/ you?
You can email me here. And, sorry, I'm already married.