Celebrating Something Special with Veuve Clicquot Champagne

A few weeks ago, I had something big to celebrate, so Laura and I opened a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne that we'd been saving for more than a year.

We were celebrating the fact that I had just quit my job. My plan is to take a long sabbatical, and over the next year or so, take the opportunity to do some things with my life that I'd never have the chance to do while working full time. That's worth a bottle of really good champagne, isn't it?

Now, I was excited to quit my job, believe me. But I was almost as excited to get into this bottle of champagne, and it didn't disappoint. The champagne truly was spectacular, and finally opening that bottle (especially after it had been staring at me from the bottom of our fridge for so long) made the occasion all the more momentous.

What do you enjoy doing when you want to celebrate something particularly meaningful?

--Photographs courtesy of Laura L. Perrin.

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Bethany said...

So... the things you always wanted to do with your life include managing an optometric practice, or not so much??? (just checking)

Rich and Col said...

no, the things you REALLY want to do with your life must include the words ... south-pacific-travel-friends-food-new-zealand, as well as ... I-can't-believe-we've-left-it-so-long.

See you soon R&C

Daniel said...

Bethany.... do you think you could bring yourself to hire me as an unpaid intern? ;)

And Richard and Colleen---we're coming!! Get that guest bedroom ready for us!

Thanks for reading,

Kris said...

Dan! Congratulations. Champagne tastes better when it's been earned.

Daniel said...

Totally agreed Kris! Maybe that's why it was so good.

Thanks for your comment!