A Few Thoughts on Habits and Food

Habits are efficient. They save time and mental bandwidth, and if chosen well, they help make us more effective.

With food, however, habits can be our worst enemy.

They enable us to eat mindlessly, causing us to consume food without noticing or remembering. They cause us to underestimate (usually dramatically) the calories we ingest. And, by enabling us to eat without remembering, they blot out our enjoyment of food entirely and make eating into a superficial experience.

If badly chosen, your eating habits can and will subvert everything you try to do with your diet and health.

Readers, what damaging food habits will you break this year? And what helpful food habits will you build?

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Sabrina said...

Rather than focus on foods to avoid, I am starting a make-soup-once-a-week tradition. Making a big pot of soup is inexpensive, healthy, and creates lots of leftovers - a perfect combination!

edj3 said...

Sabrina, I make soup every week--it's the foundation of our lunches. And it's an easy way to eat more vegetables, at least the way I make them.

Dan, I'm not looking to break habits but I do love what a friend of mine uses as the tag line on her blog: Eat Intentionally. That's my goal.

Daniel said...

Sabrina, I love your thinking too, it's an easy way to scale up your cooking efforts.

Kx3, thanks for spreading positive encouragement, and I truly admire your goal. Keep it going!


Term Papers said...

I make soup every week. It's the foundation of our lunches. I Take soup regularly. Its my favorite dish

chacha1 said...

I try to make a pot roast once a week. That's my new "habit." Usually beef with Italian seasonings or pork with tons of spices.

Leftover beef goes great in spaghetti or chili, and we've taken to making pizza with leftover pork. One of those thin Boboli crusts, a generous coating of spicy garlic steak sauce, shredded pig, and a layer of thinly-sliced smoked Gouda.

Um, carnivorous much??