CK Friday Links--Friday March 25, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Top ten signs you're becoming a better cook--#6 was my sign. (Cheap Healthy Good)

Shuck oysters like a Guiness World Record holder. (Kalofagas)

How an unknown book by Laura Ingalls Wilder will make you grateful and nostalgic for a simpler time with simpler food. (Kitchen Stewardship)

The ten most mouthwatering moments in film. (Foodista)

Why overestimating the calories in your food is the secret to weight loss. (344 Pounds)

Recipe Links:
Easy-to-make Spanish cuisine: Chicken in Samfaina Sauce. (Christie's Corner)

Hilariously cheap, and you can make it in your crockpot. Red Lentil, Chickpea, and Tomato Soup with Paprika. (Kalyn's Kitchen)

Off-Topic Links:
On avoiding the fear of missing out. (The Simple Dollar)

Why aren't you in the habit of asking more questions? (Less Wrong)

There is now a growing "reverse pay gap" in the USA: In several cities, women earn substantially more than men. (Carpe Diem Blog)

On avoiding con men selling investments that sound too good to be true. (Aleph Blog)

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Matt said...

Delighted to see Tampopo among the 10 most mouthwatering moments in film. That movie is... weird, to say the least, but as an in depth look at the world of noodles in Japan, you can't hope for anything better.

Parts of the movie will crack you up, parts will make you wish you had hit fast forward (or at least wish you knew before you started watching it WITH someone else), but the food... it makes you hungry!

Melissa said...

Got all ten of the "signs" except #5. Funny timing, though - I was just telling Steve that I wanted to start cooking even more stuff with no recipes. Pork stews, roasts, stir fries, soups. I'll get there.

Awesome little article about the Laura Ingalls Wilder-era food. I read her books over and over when I was a kid - including Big Woods - and I do find myself thinking of the foods/preparation/preservation in there from time to time.

And yes yes yes on overestimating calories. I definitely do. Am. It's probably helping. :)

Daniel said...

Matt: I'm embarrassed to admit that I've watched hardly any of those movies. I need to get to work, obviously.

Melissa, I'm the same... rarely do I cook without a recipe. It might be a level of ability I'll never reach. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts and insights.


Charmian@Christie's Corner said...

Thanks for the shout out, Dan.

Most of that top 10 list apply, but #7 really hits home. I rarely eat in restaurants now for this very reason.