CK Friday Links--Friday April 15, 2011

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Fifteen things our grandparents lived without--that everybody now believes are necessities. (Frugal Dad)

Intriguing thoughts on protein needs and sources for vegans. (Choosing Raw)

Five things I never thought I'd have in my pantry. (Christie's Corner)

Yet another blogger (with 10x my traffic by the way) comes clean and tells the truth: don't go into blogging for the money. (Scary Mommy)

Think you can't go three or four hours without eating? Read this post and think again. (Cheap Healthy Good)

Recipe Links:
Easy and really intriguing: Caraway Spiced Carrots. (64 Sq Ft Kitchen)

Impossible to mess up, these Easy Pickles are a great first project for someone new to canning. (Coconut & Lime)

I wish I had the courage to try this myself: Raw Egg Yolk with Honey, or Huevo con Miel. (A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa)

Off-Topic Links:
How to stay out of the "outside the box" box. (Less Wrong)

When it comes to wealth, social class and success, things are rarely as they seem. (The Simple Dollar)

At what point does giving it away for free become a devaluation of your work? (Forbes via The Future is Red)

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Eleonora said...

Well, Dan, you DID eat raw egg in the tiramis├╣, you could probably give it a try with honey :-) In Italy it's the typical grandmothers' "pick me up", when they worry about their grandchildren being undernourished. Raw egg, sugar and a splash of rhum or marsala.

Melissa said...

Great guest article from CHG. Good linkage.

Love the pickles, too. I've had that on my list... since I'm already canning something else tomorrow, perhaps I'll do pickles as well.

And I would totally eat the raw egg and honey. Well, if I liked honey enough hehe. But the egg - I buy eggs every week from the farmers market and 90% of the time do something with eggs for Saturday lunch. And every week when I whisk those eggs in a bowl I stick the fork in my mouth after. I *love* raw egg yolk.

Daniel said...

You're absolutely right Eleonora... I have no excuses now! ;)

Melissa, thanks. And yes, that CHG article puts a lot of things in perspective.