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This Week in History at Casual Kitchen:

The Pros and Cons of a High-Carb/Low-Fat Diet (November 2007)
A decade ago, I fell under the spell of Dr. Robert Hass' groundbreaking book Eat To Win, which changed everything I thought about eating and exercise.

Cookbook Review: The Cornbread Gospels (November 2008)
You'd never guess a book about cornbread could be such a joy to read. The Cornbread Gospels is a goldmine of amazing recipes--more than 200, ranging from straight cornbreads, to muffins, to flapjacks, pancakes and johnnycakes, to desserts--even an enormous chapter on foods that go with cornbread. This unsung gem of a book should not be missed.

How to Make a Simple Frittata (November 2008)
An easy dish that everyone should add to their cooking arsenal. Frittatas are laughably easy to make, they seem fancier than they really are--and you can eat them without any quiche-like threat to your manhood.

The Seven-Day Raw Foods Trial (November 2009)
Last year, in a fit of both curiosity and masochism, I attempted a seven day trial of eating 100% raw foods. It turned out to be both a significant challenge and a highly instructive experience--and it permanently changed the way I eat. This series went on to become one of the most widely-read in Casual Kitchen's history.

A Tale of Two Breakfasts (November 2010)
One of these breakfasts has a third the calories of the other. Which one would you choose?

Prices, Zombies and the Advertising-Consumption Cycle (November 2010)
Don't respond mindlessly to advertising and marketing. Instead, read this post--and you'll start to see heavily advertised products as destroyers of consumer value too. One of the most important articles in my series on Understanding the Consumer Products Industry.

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chacha1 said...

I like your whole series on high carb/low fat diets. I wish more people would "notice" what their bodies are telling them! That whole high-carb thing works great when you are highly active, BUT not all that great when you are not getting enough calories from protein/fat - and also not so great when you're not active at all.

A lot of Americans got fat on low-fat diets because they didn't notice how they were metabolizing the nutrients. And they overestimate their activity level. I know some people who say they need a rest day from working out ... and their workout consists of walking on a treadmill for an hour. *sigh*

btw thanks for the link! :-)

Daniel said...

Thanks, Chacha, for the feedback on that series. It was to some extent an editorial risk for me because--at that time--it was the first time I really tackled a subject like that here at CK. Really glad you both liked it and found it useful.