CK Friday Links--Friday December 3, 2010

Here's yet another selection of interesting links from around the internet. As always, I welcome your thoughts and your feedback.

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Before we get to the links, we have a winner for this week's cookbook giveaway--and (uh, bam!) the winner, drawn by random, is Keya, the author of the blog L.I.N.D.A., who will receive a free copy of Emeril Legasse's exceptional cookbook Emeril at the Grill: A Cookbook for All Seasons. [Please send me an email and I'll be sure to mail the book to you.] Thanks to all my readers for sharing such an exceptional collection of ideas on how to live and eat more frugally.

And now, on with this week's links!

A fascinating eight-minute TED Talks video on how pigs are used in an astonishingly wide range of products. Vegetarians, you may not want to watch. (TED Talks, via Rhiannon Laurie)

Water weight raises the price and reduces the value of second-order foods. And it fools our minds too. (Penniless Parenting, via @celestialpetuni)

Are vegans brainwashed? (Martin Striz) No, but some sure can be jerks. (The Blog of the Wandering Douche)

Possibly the most disturbingly narcissistic article on food snobs in the history of modern media. (Newsweek, via Alosha's Kitchen)

Recipe Links:
An unusual and intriguingly spiced Stormy Weather Meatloaf. (A Sweet Life)

Easy, healthy, laughably cheap--and just a little bit unusual: Penne with Beets, Beet Greens and Mushrooms. (A Mingling of Tastes)

Delectable Chocolate Walnut Tortes, baked in--believe it or not--soup cans. (A Life of Spice)

Off-Topic Links:
Unsolicited Book Recommendation of the Week: Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. This is one of the best books I've ever read on psychology--it's so good I'm in fact reading it for a second time. Gilbert's book completely changed how I think about my personal happiness. Highly recommended.

What you can learn from the regrettably named Craigslist Penis Effect. (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

How to overcome the curse of being a writer. (C. Hope Clark)

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Marcia said...

Man, I love the penniless parenting calculations. I have done those calculations, and I have pages here and there where I compare the cost per serving of rice vs. homemade bread vs. oatmeal. Or raisins vs. oranges vs. apples vs. bananas. Or spaghetti versus bean burritos, whether using canned beans or dried. :)

Daniel said...

Me too Marcia. I hadn't really seen the math rendered quite that way before and I found it really useful. Plus it's more support for the logic of stacked costs and second order foods! Thanks for the feedback.


Sally said...

Are vegans brainwashed? I don't know, but I think many lose the ability or desire to think critically and examine other sides of the issue.

For me, a diet that required that I use a supplement for an essential nutrient (B12) was always a problem. How could a vegan diet be the healthiest way to eat if it didn't provide all the nutrients I needed? There was more, but that was problematic for me.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your thoughts Sally.

For me, whenever a movement has members who violently insult people who choose to leave it, it begs the question whether those people are thinking for themselves. Everyone who reads CK knows I'm as much of a fan of vegetarianism and veganism as the next person, but the reaction to that "vegan no more" post troubles me. A lot.

PS: It's also gratifying to see calm and adult debates happening here at Casual Kitchen, and for that I thank my readers.