Chocolate Mousse Supreme Cake Update

A quick and entirely spurious update on my birthday chocolate mousse cake:

It’s now been more than one month of what feels like constant chocolate mousse cake eating, and we’ve just crossed the halfway point towards finishing off this enormous (and fortunately freezable) cake.

Believe me, this is a great cake, the best I’ve found in the New York region, but I’m not sure I’m exactly in love anymore.

I’d say I’ve crossed over from love into more of a quiet determination: I. Will. Finish. This. Cake.

But then I think I might have to go on another chocolate fast afterwards....

Carousel Cakes Factory Outlet
5 Seeger Drive
Nanuet, NY 10954
Tel: 866-659-CAKE

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1 comment:

Daniel said...

Wow, "unfit for virtuous citizens" huh. The fools.

Thanks for reading!