CK Food Links--Friday August 8, 2008

Here's yet another selection of particularly interesting food-related links from around the internet.
Post Punk Kitchen: How to Make Sauce
The garden tomatoes are ripening, and it's that time of year again: time to make SAUCE. Here's an exceptional tutorial at Post Punk Kitchen.

My Indian Food Blogroll:
Laura received two Indian cookbooks as a gift a year or two ago and since then we've been taking baby steps into this cuisine. We've probably made ten or fifteen dishes so far, a mere drop of water in the comprehensive ocean that is Indian food, and eventually we hope to share a few of the easy-to-make recipes here at Casual Kitchen.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the four Indian food blogs that reside on my feedreader:
Holy Cow!--vegan Indian recipes.
My Kitchen and Beyond--eclectic, easy Indian food.
Salt and Spice--meat- and fish-based recipes.
One Page Cookbooks for the First Time Cook--one of the most intriguing sites I've seen in a while. Every post is a one-page grid of various ingredients that can be combined together into a large number of recipes. Literally a one page cookbook. I could stare at these posts all day long.

And finally, here's the latest food blog I've completely fallen in love with: Rice and Beans: A Belizean in DC. Great stories about Belize, some interesting Belizean recipes, and an eclectic collection of other recipes as well. For a couple of particularly appetizing posts, try Salmon Salad with Roasted Summer Vegetables and Belizean Stewed Beans.

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The P & A Food Chronicles said...

thanx for the blogroll.. i love indian cuisine!! i buy tandoris all the time, but thats about it... i hope i can do some more dishes!! thanx!!

Daniel said...

Thanks P&A! I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you found it helpful.


Anonymous said...


Look for "A Surti Touch" by Malvi Doshi for a great Indian cookbook with some good recipes...surti style. My favorite...I'm not sure its still in print, but I've seen it on Amazon.....

Tell Laura I miss her

Daniel said...

Hi Janet!

Thanks for your comment and for the cookbook suggestion. I'll check it out.

PS: Laura misses you too :)